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LIKE YOU DO  (Cecilia Grace Original) 

THE CHAIN  (Fleetwood Mac Cover) 

TOO MUCH TO ASK  (Niall Horan cover) 

SUCH A BOY (Astrid S cover) 

DIE FOR YOU (The Weeknd Feat. Daft Punk cover) 

THROWBACK! I'M A BELIEVER, FRIENDS THEMESONG, I WANT IT THAT WAY, ETC. (Covers from Ryan Cabrera, Smash Mouth, Backstreet Boys, etc.) 

I WANT TO BE IN LOVE (Cecilia Grace Original) 

IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW (Charlie Puth & Boys II Men cover) 

SAVED (Nashville Cast Feat. Lennon Stella) 

CAN'T SLEEP LOVE (Pentatonix Cover) 

DON'T FADE AWAY (Cecilia Grace original) 

CLEAR (Cecilia Grace Original) 

SOMEONE LIKE YOU (Adele cover) 

YOU SHOULD BELONG TO ME (Cecilia Grace Original) 

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